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What Medicaid Covers & Items You Can Get With No Out-of-Pocket Expense

Health care coverage can be a lifesaver when unexpected medical issues arise. When a single hospital visit can cost thousands of dollars, reliable insurance is a necessity. While most people understand the benefits of health insurance, not everyone can afford it. Luckily, there are programs like Medicaid available that provide coverage options to families and individuals who can’t otherwise afford it.

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Medicaid is a state-run social insurance program that covers basic health care needs adults, children or entire families. Currently, Medicaid is the largest source of health insurance coverage in the United States, providing healthcare coverage to over 70 million Americans. Covered groups vary by state regulations, but the required categories include families who meet certain income thresholds, children with serious chronic conditions, people receiving Supplemental Security Income, and qualifying pregnant women, just to name a few. To be considered eligible, recipients must be making at or below 133 percent of the federal poverty level. The FPL for single individuals is currently $12,880 and $26,500 for a family of four.

With Medicaid, families can receive the health care they need while paying little or no cost after a doctor visit. As of September 2020, more than 70.5 million Americans were enrolled in Medicaid. The federally funded health coverage program is a necessity for families all across the country. Without this type of program, a lot of people would be stuck with overwhelming medical bills.

Medicare vs Medicaid: What’s the Difference?

People often get Medicare and Medicaid services and coverage confused. While the programs sound very similar, they each offer different benefits and cover different groups of people.

  • Medicaid is based on a variety of factors including income, or in the case of children based on their condition.  Often these individuals and families lack other resources and options for their health care needs.
  • Medicare, on the other hand, is not dependent on income level. Medicare is mainly for people age 65 and older or for people who have a disability.

It is possible to qualify for both of these programs if you have a disability and are also in the qualifying group of people below the federal poverty level. This situation is normally referred to as having “dual eligibility” because there is the opportunity to receive a broader set of coverage benefits from both Medicare and Medicaid, combined.

What Does Medicaid Cover?

Medicaid covers a variety of health care services. The services covered by the program vary by state, but a few of the services are listed below:

  • Inpatient hospital services
  • Outpatient hospital services
  • Home health equipment and supplies
  • Rural health clinic services
  • Nursing Facility Services
  • Physician services
  • Family planning services
  • Federally qualified health center services
  • Laboratory and X-ray services

A comprehensive list of mandatory benefits can be found on the Medicaid website. It’s important to note, however, that prescription drugs actually fall under the optional benefits category. If you’re planning to apply for Medicaid or have already qualified, be sure to check whether prescriptions will be covered by the program in your state.

No Cost Medical Supplies Through Medicaid: Items You Can Get with NO Out-of-Pocket Expense

Certain healthcare supplies are covered under the Medicaid program and with the right service you can have them discreetly delivered to your door. Below are a few examples of products that may be covered by your Medicaid program. If you’re currently paying out of pocket for these items, check in with MyMedSupplies to see if you qualify to receive these items at no cost.

Incontinence Products: No Cost Adult Diapers Through Medicaid

MyMedSupplies offers incontinence products such as adult diapers for men and women, as well as bladder control pads. You can also get products like antifungal cream and cleansing spray. If you’re currently paying out of pocket for these items, check in with MyMedSupplies to see if you qualify for no cost adult diapers for men and women or other related items.

Nutrition Products

Nutritional drinks are perfect as a light snack that can provide much-needed protein and other nutrients. This is another type of item that can be available at no cost to those who qualify for Medicaid. Check out MyMedSupplies’ list of nutritional drinks and shakes as well as their dietary supplements.

Urological Supplies

Genitourinary issues require a lot of equipment, which can also be available at no cost through Medicaid. In fact, all sorts of items—such as bedside drainage containers and catheters—can be no cost for qualifying participants of Medicaid.

Respiratory Supplies

COVID-19 has made respiratory supplies a vital aspect of health care. You can order various breathing and respiratory accessories online to cover all of your medical needs, and Medicaid may cover most (or all) of your medical supply costs for these respiratory supplies.

Compression Socks & Garments

Compression socks and accessories can improve blood circulation and help ease sore legs. You don’t have to continue living with bloated calves or pay for these medical supplies out of pocket if your Medicaid program covers them.

If you have been approved for Medicaid but are still not sure what is covered under the program in your state (or for your particular case), don’t worry, you’re not alone. A lot of people are confused by the insurance and medical jargon associated with Medicaid coverage. That’s why it’s helpful to talk to someone who can review your plan and help you navigate the services you qualify to receive.

If you’re looking for assistance understanding your Medicaid coverage, then contact MyMedSupplies to talk with someone about your Medicaid and insurance plans. If you need any healthcare supplies, MyMedSupplies will help you determine whether you’re covered, find the right product, and ship it right to your door. No cost, fast & easy—it doesn’t get better than that!

MyMedSupplies delivers to your door in the following states: Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. Contact Us Here to find out if you qualify for NO COST medical supplies.

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