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Top 10 Qualities All Charismatic Leaders Share

At some point, we all have come across someone, either in person or on TV, that makes us forget about everything and glue our eyes and ears to them. This could be a powerful business CEO, assertive politicians on podiums, famous talk show hosts or Musicians performing in front of an enthusiastic crowd.

What makes paying attention to them a truly effortless experience for us is the bewitching and charismatic quality of their speech, body language and overall charming personality. They have what we call an “it-factor”; the ability to be naturally charismatic.

Charismatic Leadership

Charisma is a powerful asset of most leaders. Charismatic leader can easily impart their influence on anyone they address with their zeal and passion. They inspire, motivate and encourage people to pursue their goals, uplift them in trying times and instil them with a sense of true purpose.

They possess spirited communication skills, empathetic ears and a visionary mind that thinks outside the box. To a lucky few, this charisma comes naturally. However, most qualities of a charismatic leader can be learned, adapted and practised over time.

Qualities of Charismatic Leadership

1.     Communication Skills

All charismatic leaders have powerful communication skills. With a wise choice of words and manner of speaking alone, they can persuade and motivate people in accomplishing a task and infusing a will of hard work into them.

That being said, most charismatic leaders speak the language of their people; plain and simple. They place themselves with them, talking to them in their language and using “powerful stories” as a tool in their speech to inspire people.

Charismatic leaders are also eager to keep communication open with their employees at all times. They are easy to access for opinions and discussions and are equally comfortable in both team meetings and one-on-ones.

2.     Confidence

Leaders with charismatic qualities are quite comfortable in their skin and exude confidence. They do not try to imitate anyone and carry their own unique style. They have a positive outlook on life which is contagious.

Their belief and confidence in their ability to lead and resolve matters reflect a strong character, and they wear a Can-Do attitude at all times.

3.     Vision and Foresight

Charismatic leaders carry a vivid vision and lead by a philosophy they truly believe in. They strongly believe that everything has potential for improvement and are continually striving to achieve it. They never fail to express their vision and how they see the future with their team members and employees whenever they get a chance.

A charismatic leader also values people who have strong opinions about changing the future and striving for the better.

4.     Modesty

The true charisma of a person is reflected in his humility and modesty. They never hold themselves at a high pedestal from where they can appear conceitful. They truly value their employees and always remind them of their worth to the company and their contribution to achieving the company’s goal. They frequently exhibit their loyalty to the success of the company and all its members and, in return, inspire loyalty.

5.     Positive Body Language

Body language plays a critical role in how people perceive you, and charismatic leaders surely have a way with how they appear in public. They have an easy charm to them. They make sure to always make eye contact with the person they are talking to make them feel significant. They often smile in conversations and keep a relaxed and friendly aura around them.

6.     Creativity

Charismatic leaders are never afraid to take risks because they think and see differently from the rest. They often have out-of-the-box solutions for a problem that seems difficult to fix. With their creativity, they inspire and welcome new ideas.

In the face of dire challenges, they use their creative skills and determination to get out triumphant. A creative mind is always thinking of something innovative and unique. This is why charismatic leaders are always envisioning a positive change in future.

7.     Adaptability

A charismatic leader has an amalgam of many qualities, and adaptability is a strong one. Their ability to adapt to new and challenging situations is what makes them apt for a leadership role. Instead of giving in, they stay resilient and adapt quickly to cater for the needs of a novel situation. They make sure their employees do not feel uncomfortable in unanticipated situations and motivate them to learn and adapt at every point along the way.

8.     Accountability

A charismatic leader knows how to keep himself in check and not let the power get to his head. They are cognizant of their influence and impact on the people and take it very seriously. They monitor themselves time and again to maintain a positive personality, outgrow any weak traits and improve their mannerism.

9.     Interpersonal Skills

Strong interpersonal skills are what make a charismatic leader and a people person. They find it highly important to connect with their employees and listen to the problems they are facing. They are also keen to take words of their employees on how they feel that things can be improved within the company. Their emotional intelligence, the ability to listen to and empathise with a fellow being is truly appreciated among the people, giving the leader more power over them.

10. Quest for Learning

Their quest for learning, gaining more knowledge and adding to their wisdom is never satiated. You will often find a charismatic leaders absorbed in reading in their free time. They like to keep themselves updated with the world as well as improve their area of expertise.

They are deeply invested in arranging and forming new avenues of learning and facilitate training, learning sessions, workshops and more for their company’s employees.

Charismatic leadership can have a very profound influence on people, even if the person lacks expert technical skills. Many qualities of charismatic leadership can be adapted and skilled over time to strengthen one’s leadership and extend their influence over more people.

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