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Tools to Help You Stay Organized as an Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, you need to be organized. Many apps are available for your phone and tablet to help you stay on top of everything, no matter where your business takes you.


The project management tool Asana focuses on helping teams collaborate better and makes projects move along more quickly. You can assign tasks, answer questions, upload files, send messages about what you’re working on, track your team’s progress, and set goals. It’s free for groups of 15 members or fewer.


Any.do is a to-do list application for any device. It syncs between your devices and helps you keep track of everything that needs to be done. It also allows you to collaborate with other people on shared lists and calendar items so you can coordinate your schedules and goals together.


ShipStation is a cloud-based app that acts as a virtual shipping department. This is helpful if you have multiple businesses because it allows you to manage who has access to the account and lets you print out labels for your orders. It can save time by automatically tracking inventory, letting you know when items are out of stock and what you need to reorder.


Slack can help you stay in touch if you’re working with a team. You can use the messaging app for real-time communication or send messages, files, and links back and forth. It works across mobile and desktop devices and is free for primary use.


Digital payments app Plaid is helpful if you need to take credit or debit card payments quickly and securely. The app’s Balance API makes it easy to accept credit and debit card payments using the information you already have in your accounting software and can help reduce credit card or overdraft fees.


Dropbox is a secure cloud storage application that allows you to access your files anywhere. It’s helpful if you need to share multiple files with your colleagues or if you’re working on a project that’s stored on only one of your devices. Dropbox also offers mobile scanning technology. You can use this feature to upload images from your smartphone or import documents from your computer.

PDF Converter

You can use the scan-to-PDF feature on your mobile device to convert paper documents into digital files. This app can help you save money on printing costs and cut down on the time needed to organize your paperwork since all of your files will be in the same place. It can also help you merge multiple PDF files into one.


The COVID-19 pandemic made virtual meetings more common. However, legal signatures are still vital to many business transactions, and DocuSign makes them possible. The app allows you to upload a document, fill out the information, sign it electronically, and send it back to the other party. You can also use DocuSign to track who has reviewed your documents, share updates with others in real-time, and keep track of your documents.

Organize Your Business for More Free Time

Mobile apps are an excellent way to improve your business organization. Choose applications to reduce clutter, share documents, sign contracts, and consolidate shipping, and enjoy more free time for yourself.

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