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The Ultimate Guide to Cheaper Electric Bills

The average person in America pays more than $1,300 per year for electricity usage, which means that an individual has to pay 5 to 10 percent of their monthly income just for their electricity bill.

There are a lot of things mentioned in one basic bill, and finding out what you have to focus on is the hardest element of lowering your monthly energy bills.

There are many useful and strategic ways to shave money off from your electricity bill every month, and these ways don’t require you to compromise your daily comforts.

How to Make Your Electric Bill Cheaper: 8 Tips

If you don’t have enough money to make changes in your home, you can follow these tips to lower your electricity bill. Mind that it only focuses on reducing your daily usage, so it won’t be a trouble for you.

1. Check Your Kitchen Appliances

Unplug and turn off your coffee maker when you are not using it. Coffee makers and other appliances that have timer or clock that run all day, thus they don’t stop using the energy even when you are done using them. All you have to do is plug all the kitchen appliances into one power strip, so it’s easier for you to turn them off.

Don’t run the dishwasher during the day because they are the peak hours, and using a dishwasher at night helps reduce energy demand. This will definitely save you money on your electric bill depending on your home thermostat and utility.

Keep your freezer and fridge full of items because completely stocking your freezer and fridge, requires less energy to keep it cold. The freezer stays effective when you keep it full, so if you have empty spaces, you can put pitchers or ice packs in it to make it more efficient.

2. Change Up How You Do the Laundry

Here are some things you can do to reduce how much energy you’re using when you’re doing the laundry:

  1. Clean dryer’s exhaust: Cleaning dryer’s exhaust every month helps the dryer run more efficiently. You can clean the dryer with a lint remover kit to improve the airflow.
  2. Laundry at night: Avoid doing laundry during the peak hours of the day. You can save your money and electricity both by washing your clothes after dark.
  3. Wash clothes in cold water: The temperature of your washer doesn’t make any difference when it comes to cleaning your clothes. Technological advances have made it effective to wash your clothes in cold water than in hot water. If you are concerned that your clothes are not as clean as washing in hot water, you can easily change them to cold water detergent.
  4. Line-dry your clothing: Obviously, the most effective way to dry your clothes is to air dry them. For large items, you can use a dryer, but for small items like gym clothes, can be easily line dried. It can save you $1.08 per load every month.

3. Change Your Bulbs

Replace your light bulbs with LEDs because LED lights consume 80% below traditional incandescent. LED bulbs charge you above four times less, so why not invest in LED bulbs?

4. Use Power Strips

Using power strips protects both your money and devices. This can turn off all your devices at once rather than unplugging everything separately.

5. Look at Your Homes Heating & Cooling Systems

Installing ceiling fans can help you allocate the air that may have risen to the ceilings of your house. The fans move the cold and hot air towards you. Lowering your temperature in the cold weather and increasing it in the hot weather help decrease the use of energy and temperature change.

6. Think About Your Home’s Exterior

Using solar lights as an alternative to having outdoor lights suck more electricity, so it’s best that you replace them with solar lamps, which are less expensive and affordable and get energy from the sun and shine brightly at night time.

Protect your house from sunlight by placing trees and plants on your lawn. The more shade you have, you will feel less disposed to decrease the temperature in the hot weather.

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7. Install Solar Panels

Installing solar panels is the best and strategic way to save a big amount on your electric bills. By installing a solar panel in your house, you can save above $20,000 a year on your electric bill, which is more than the normal cost that usually takes to buy and install the solar panels themselves.

8. Review Your Energy Plan & Electricity Contract

Do you have a variable vs fixed-rate energy plan? Have you signed on for a long- or short-term electricity contract? The rates you are paying can be higher or lower based on these choices. If it’s been a while since you’ve looked at your energy plan and electricity contract, your needs may have changed since you signed up for service—and you may be paying more than you need to simply because your energy plan no longer fits your lifestyle.

How to Get Cheaper Electricity Bills: The Bottom Line

No matter where you are living, there is many ways to lower your monthly electricity bill. You just have to re-evaluate the indoors and outdoors of your house. If carefully used, your appliances and devices will definitely save a lot of money every year for you.

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