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Let These Creative Website Designs Inspire You in 2022

Looking for some web designs inspiration? Well, we have got you covered.

We have the best designs to challenge and inspire your inner creativity.

Modern businesses owe half of their progress to successful websites. Whatever you put in there, make sure it attracts the kind of audience you want.

Deciding to create a web design is a huge step towards success. However, the best websites are the vertex of many little things and decisions. Deciding the website design has to be the topmost. You can have everything perfect in your mind and still don’t know what design to follow through.

We are here to help you with that with some of the creative website designs.

What is Web Designing?

Web designing is one of the creative marketing skills that design websites to be displayed on the internet. Every successful business, retailer, online pagers, etc., have a website of its own.

When it comes to web designing, a web designer cautiously works with every important aspect of a website. From its appearance and layout to sometimes the content; each is handled by a website designer.

The secret behind a good website design is nothing but a user-friendly layout, aesthetically pleasing designs, cool colors, and easy-to-read fonts.

In this article, we will be sharing with you a few of the most creative website designs we have gathered over the years to inspire your inner artist.

From large organizations to small businesses, these websites are known to push the status quo on the web. From its aesthetic designs, usability, interactivity, and sound to the value they provide, each website is a masterpiece in its respective industry.

Here are a few of them:


It is one of the award-winning websites of 2022 that certainly makes a strong impression on its visitors. That’s the hallmark of its success.

It is an aviation website with astonishing visuals, content, and layouts to get the readers hooked to the page. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing to look at, but the way it delivers all the necessary information to the readers in the most convenient way is something very creative.

The striking illustration of the air-plane as it slowly moves across the screen is something that grasps the audience’s attention and urges them to dig further into it.

It is a pretty clean design with no distractions and an effective homepage. It comes with an image that tells the story without words, white spaces, an easy nav bar, an eye-catching tagline, an appealing slogan, and a direct CTA.

It is everything a good website design needs.


The music itself is all the creativity you ever need. Therefore, a music website needs to be extremely creative, aesthetic, and attractive to users.

Mubasic, another award-winning website, meets that criteria. It is not just visually pleasing, it is dynamic. It is a catalogue that has some of the best and high-quality music for children.

It continues to be such a subtle website with its poppy color scheme and effective visuals. Not only this, but its homepage is quite user-friendly, you can easily explore what they are offering, and if you still are not sure, there is a Q&A section setup for your ease.

It is everything that would attract children to its vibrant and lively website.

Garoa Skincare

One of the award-winning designs from 2020, Garoa skincare has won millions of hearts with its inspiring message and breathtaking interface.

If you are unsure about how to transform the feeling of luxury and practicality, then Garoa Skincare and help you do that.

It’s all about how you present it. You can bring a sense of extravagance to just anything if you be creative and honest about it.

Garoa Skincare comes with high-quality visuals, typeface, interface, layout, and font that complement each other. Not only this, but the image of a brown woman on the interface effectively breaks down any barriers of racism and attracts users to the silent message.

IBM’s The Harmonic State

Honestly, you will not need any explanation to know it is on the list once you land on their website. It will leave you awestruck.

The best word to describe this website would be; intoxicating.

It has the power to intoxicate the user’s mind and keep them engaged more happily.

Its creative designers worked smartly and utilized both visual and auditory elements to attract maximum users and get them hooked on the web page.

Once you land there, you are not going to be coming out of it easily. It traps you in a tingly way that leaves your heart flutter.

Upon landing on the page, you are prompted to put on the headphones if you want to enjoy the magical experience to its fullest. Even if you skip it, you won’t be leaving so soon because it keeps you engaged with the interactive background that reacts to your mouse.

It is a well-balanced page with a perfect title, a captivating description, and a small CTA.

Nomadic Tribe

 This site is exceptionally good at challenging your inner adventurer. It is one of the most engaging sites out there.

Its magic is hidden in the homepage that begins playing a video of a man walking across a desert followed by gorgeous landscapes.

What I love the most about it is how it challenges your self-awareness by displaying questions like; are you lucky enough to call yourself an adventurer?

The website is carefully designed with playful colors like pink, yellow, and orange and is detailed enough to tell a compelling story throughout.

George Nakashima Woodworkers

Like me, if you are a nature person, you will love the design of this website. The best of 2019, the woodworker’s website has a strong emphasis on nature and care for the woodworking trade.

When you land on this website, you will notice a slideshow of beautifully breathtaking landscapes and farming images. Each image is aesthetically pleasing and eye-catching with a relevant quote.

It is incredibly relaxing for the dreamers that they just don’t want to close the tab and go out of their comfort.

It’s all about the uniqueness, creativity, inspiring message, and breathtaking aesthetics that you add to your website to keep the audience glued to your website. With the right inspiration, you can unleash your own creativity and experiment your way to award-winning websites.

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