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How Do I Sign Up for Electricity?

Relocating a home? Moving a business? Setting up electricity will be one of the first things you need to do.

Before you pick up the phone and start service, however, find an energy plan that works for your needs and budget. To do that, consider whether you need:

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How to Sign Up for Electricity Service

Some states in the U.S have an uncontrolled electricity market. This law allows you to select whether the registered retail provider or utility will provide electricity to your home or business. Texas, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maine, Maryland, Illinois are some states with deregulated markets!

All you have to do is be informed about your options in your area and state. Once you’re aware of that, you’re good to make a wise decision and the best cheap energy company in your area!

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How to Transfer Electricity Service

In certain situations, you should not select another energy source. There are a lot of sources that offer services in different locations or areas.

When you shift to a new house, you may have the choice to transfer your electricity. But you have to call your energy provider and ask them if they supply electricity to your area or not. Alternatively, your present supplier will deal with informing your utility provider so they can provide electricity to your area at the correct time.

If you live in a controlled area or state, you should contact your local utility for the power supply because you can’t shop around for this service in such areas.

How to Sign Up for Electricity Service

After selecting your new energy provider for your house, call and ask them to sign up for electricity service under their available charges and energy plans. You can call an electricity provider of your own choice, or you can sign up for electricity service online. It completely depends on your own choice!

The representative will ask some important and basic questions from you like what’s your full name, address, SSN, and so on when you will call them. Be ready to answer them all!

Even if you are calling them or signing up online, you have to give your 5 to 10 minutes of yours to answer their questions that are necessary for setup.

After taking all of your basic information, the representative will make a credit check to see if you have to pay the deposit or not. They might even ask you a preferred starting date!

Fees & Charges for Signing Up

There’s a chance that you might need to put down payment as a deposit for your electricity service if you have less than a normal credit. Depending on the credit score, the deposit can be anywhere from $100 to $500.

Energy prices might fluctuate depending on the state that you’re in, so make sure to ask for the down payment before being ready for it.

When to Call for Electricity Service

It’s preferred that you call the electricity service two weeks before you move into your new house. Many utilities require a turnaround time of a couple of days. Sometimes they may take time to set up the electricity service during the peak times like summers.

Well, it won’t be fun, sitting in a new apartment or house without electricity.

Now, after providing all the information to your utility, take and breathe and relax! Once the sign-up is complete, there’s one thing off your worry list, i.e., electricity supply.

Once the process is done, your electricity retailer will also get in touch with you to inform you if the electricity is up and running.

The Bottom Line

Having no electricity supply in your house is no joke, and you definitely need one to survive in a house. Electricity is the basic utility that everyone needs to perform their day-to-day activities.

If you’re moving to a new house, then you must get in touch with a utility provider or electricity retailer to set up an electricity supply for your house.  Make sure to do it on time!


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