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How to Sell Your YouTube Channel for the Best Value Possible

In the current technological world, independent video creators are earning a lot more than the greatest businessmen. While we are too captivated by social media, the trick would be to play smart and reap a huge benefit from it.

Instead of scrolling all day long through Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter and watching endless videos on YouTube, as we all are addicted to, we can utilize these platforms for earning.

Independent content creators are seeing higher returns for their work than ever before, all thanks to people like us who spend our time watching the content they provide to us.

Statistically speaking, in 2019, there were 2.6 Billion online video viewers, a number that is only bound to increase in future.

Imagine if you can cash it.

Why Sell a Youtube Channel?

YouTube is the greatest platform for video creation that has allowed entrepreneurs to monetize their videos and create valuable yet saleable assets.

It ranks above all other video creation platforms with an audience as vast as 122 million active daily users and 1 Billion total hours of content watched globally.

While many people are not yet aware of this valuable asset, it has also become a significant source of income for popular content creators.

Statistics reveal that ad revenues on the platform reached $7 Billion by the third quarter of 2021.

Who wouldn’t want that now?

Can You Sell a Youtube Channel?

Because it is not very common to sell Youtube Channels, most users wonder if it is even legal to do so.

In reference to the terms and services of Youtube, there is nothing illegal in selling your channel to a new owner. You are authorized to sell your channel anytime you want.

However, Youtube is unlikely to get involved in the trade and facilitate the sale in any way. Therefore, if you come across any problems with the sale, Youtube Help support will not be able to do anything for you.

Though they won’t get involved in any valuation or exchange of money on the platform, they also won’t hinder your channel sale.

Many users have first-handedly sold their YouTube Channels to transform the lives of both sellers and buyers. Hence, it is completely safe and legal to sell your channel

If you are interested in selling a monetized Youtube Channel for a life-changing amount of money, then have a quick look below.

We have some of the best ways to sell your YouTube Channel fast and for the best value possible.

Evaluate the Value of the Channel before You Sell It

A Youtube’s Channel worth is hard to determine initially. In many ways, these channels are harder to sell for a very high amount than other high-traffic blogs, etc.

Blind bidding on your Youtube channel will hinder your path to success. You cannot expect to sell a low-traffic channel at a very high rate. No, certain factors must be evaluated to determine the worth of your account.

If you have been incorporating different strategies to increase your audience engagement and traffic at your channel, you will find it easier to sell at a good amount.

Here are some of the important things to consider for evaluating the worth of your account:

Business Model and Niche

While many Channels are solely for entertainment purposes, others might shape themselves into a brand.

These brands become widely known in a flash and are soon called influencers. Some are known as selling coaching or business consulting accounts.

Such channels are the ones that have the highest audience engagement. Many surveys claim that food, travel, fashion and gaming are the most profitable niches.

That being said, it is not a hard and fast rule to stick to one genre altogether. In hindsight, most popular channels often combine all the popular niches to attract maximum traffic.

It is all about how you build your fan base by experimenting with different ideas while sticking true to your unique genre.


Several channels are devoid of interesting content to attract an audience. Many are simple private accounts with little to no videos available.

The most important factor when selling your channel lies in the content you have been sharing with your audience.

The key is to upload unique but popular content that is trending the most. Let yourself be familiar with the modern trends and content, target your audience, evaluate their psychology and upload persuading content to get your audience hooked to your channel.

The more they trust you, the better your rate will be.

Active Subscribers

Having a good number of active subscribers who not only view your content but constantly engage in it by leaving comments is always a positive point for the buyers.

Therefore, evaluate the number of active subscribers in your account to determine its worth.

Once you determine the value, you can sell your channel in the following ways.

Private Sale

One way to sell your channel is through a private sale, but this might mean giving away your entire Google Account.

Unfortunately, your account details cannot be altered like the one done for a brand account. Despite the limitation, many people go for this kind of sale which is quite beneficial as well.

In many cases, both parties consent to completely withdraw the ownership of the previous owner with a mutual deal that is beneficial for both.

 Alter the YouTube Setting

Another way to give ownership of your channel to someone else is by simply altering the settings. You can go to the setting and change the managers.

However, this is only applicable if you have a business account instead of your one. While in settings, you simply add the new manager and allow them permission to set themselves as the primary channel owner.

Consider Online Marketplaces

Online Marketplaces are also a great place to get yourself good deals, such as Flippa. It is the largest online marketplace for websites and other programs.

You cannot directly sell your channel in flippa. However, if you have a good business with a high audience on your Youtube Profile, you can list your business on Flippa and come up with a good deal.

There is no harm in considering your options.

In case you are still unsure about your options, you can always seek guidance from experts to help you break down the process. Whatever suits you the best is the way to go for.

Need Help Selling Your Youtube Channel?

Thinking about selling your business? It’s hard to know where to begin. How do you find qualified buyers? What’s your business worth? How can you vet prospects? If you want to sell your business quickly and discreetly, then contact Cowen Partners

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