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How Can I Save Energy This Winter?

Due to the normalization of work from home—in the aftermath of Covid-19 restrictions—energy usage has increased. As people are staying at home, they consume more electricity and, therefore, the bills skyrocket. 

‘Winter is coming!’ and so are your high electricity bills. It’s essential to keep your bills in check to save money and limit your carbon footprint. 

Here are helpful tips to lower your energy bills and reduce carbon emissions. Know the best tips and tricks to reduce your energy and start saving money before winter even comes. 

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How Much Do Energy Bills Increase in Winter? 

As we stay more indoors and use heaters to warm up our houses, electricity consumption increases during winter. According to KEA, on average, residential spaces use 200kW/h more energy in the winter months than in summer. Learn about the impacts of the kilowatt-hour (kWh) to understand better how your energy usage is measured.

Why Do We Use More Electricity in Winter Months?

Since we stay indoors more often in the winter, we use TV, electric lights, warm water, and heaters much more than in the summer. Winter months are cold, especially in most parts of the USA and UK. Therefore, it’s not a surprise that heating systems are used more frequently and cause energy bills to increase; it weighs more on your pocket. 

Statistically, the average electricity use in summer (per month) is 505 kWh, roughly $78. However, the winter average per month is 706 kWh. Therefore, the winter bill is close to $105. 

How does Electricity Generation and Transmission Affect Bills?

Since lots of people use more electricity in winter, transmission grids are used more. As a result, lines companies face higher costs as the grids usage rises. A portion of your electricity bill also goes into generating electricity and bringing it to your home. 

How do Electricity Generation Costs Change in Winter Months?

Since the demand for electricity increases in the winter months, generators must supply more electricity. For example, renewable energy resources such as hydro and wind might not fulfill the demands. Companies might opt for more pricy ways such as the use of fuels. 

The use of gas and coal to generate electricity is more expensive than hydro and wind power. These extra costs are added to your bills and cause them to increase.  

Fortunately, there are some practical ways to cut down on energy loss and reduce bills. For example, setting your thermostat at the lowest possible temperature is one way to reduce bills. 

What should I Set My Thermostat at in the Winter?

According to Energy Saving Trust, if used efficiently, installing a room thermostat, valves and timer can save around $103 a year. In addition, programming the timer according to your need can cut down on bills, way more than it would with turning the thermostat up to quickly heat your room. Additionally, individual thermostat valves can help you determine which room needs to be heated and save wastage of energy. 

Of course, keeping your thermostat down is going to cut down a lot on energy bills. Decreasing temperature by 1 degree can reduce your bills by up to 10%. NHS states that if you are below 65 years and your health condition allows, you can keep the temperature of your house below 18 degrees. However, people above 65 are recommended to keep the temperature at 18 degrees. 

Lowering your thermostat by 10 to 15 degrees at night can also cause your bills to decline by 10%. Instead, invest in modern, smart thermostats to make you aware of how much energy you are using and keep your bills in check. 

What are Other Ways to Save Energy?

Replace your Old Boiler 

Modern boilers are more energy efficient. So even though it is expensive to install modern boilers, it saves energy in the long run by cutting down energy bills. 

Insulate your Home

There is no doubt that a considerable amount of heat from hour house escapes through uninsulated homes. So keeping the heat in and cold out by insulating your home is one of the best ways to save energy. Not only walls but it’s recommended to insulate the floor of your home and tops to reduce heat loss. 

Installing Radiator Reflectors 

The use of reflector panels is a low-cost option to reduce energy consumption. Reflectors reflect the heat into your room, and therefore stop its escape through an external wall. 

Turn-off Standby on Electronics

We are all guilty of keeping so many of our electrical appliances on standby mode. Almost all electrical appliances can be unplugged without disturbing their settings. However, some appliances may not support plugging them off as it might interfere with their settings. In that case, it is better to opt for energy-efficient options in the market. 

Use LED Lights 

LED lights are more efficient than regular incandescent lights and last longer as well. As a result, they might be more expensive than regular ones but are an investment in the long run.

Turning off lights when they’re not being used will also help reduce energy costs. 

Look at Your Water Consumption 

Water use, both cold and warm, is linked to energy since energy is used to treat and transfer water in your home. Therefore, cutting down on unnecessary water wastage can reduce your overall utility bill.

Wear Warm Clothes and Use Blankets 

There is no doubt that keeping yourself warm by wearing warm clothes is more cost-effective than heating your house. Keeping the thermostat low, hence saving energy, can be compensated by wearing warm sweaters, socks, and warm blankets. 

Use Heavy Curtains 

The use of heavy curtains will help trap the heat inside and hinder the outside cold from getting in. Insulated curtains are the best option to go for when considering an upgrade for your curtains. On warm sunny days, it is also recommended to pull away your curtains to let sunlight in during the day. The use of curtains will adorn homes and help you with energy loss and, therefore, reduce your bills. 

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Keep Your Energy Costs Down & Know How to Save Energy

With increased temperature settings and energy usage, it is not surprising that energy costs increase dramatically in the winter. Utilizing our tips, if used efficiently, will help reduce energy costs in winter and all year round. After paying heed to these tips, you will see a considerable amount of reduction in your bills. Remember, energy-saving must not only be done to save money but also to inhibit carbon emission. So, save the environment and stay warm this winter with these efficient tips while saving the environment.

Learn more about your home energy rebates, rates, and plan options in your area HERE. We also invite you to explore these insightful articles.

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