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Best Prepaid Energy in Texas

Discover Your Options Within the Deregulated Energy Market in Texas

Most of the areas in Texas (over 85% of it) have a deregulated energy market. Consumers have the liberty to choose the energy provider according to what suits them and purchase energy on their terms. It is essential to know that various energy plans are provided by different companies suited to your need. You can find the most affordable one by comparing prices, terms, and services before choosing a plan. 

Residents in Texas can opt for three plans: fixed-rate, variable, and prepaid electricity. While the fixed-rate plans provide you security and variable plans liberate you from long-term contracts, prepaid plans are a top suggestion to control your energy. Prepaid Electricity is the safest and the most table way of saving you money, hassle, and time. Track your daily consumption to know what you’re paying and, since it’s a no-deposit plan, ensuring that you are saving a lot of money. 

What Electricity Plans are Available in Texas?

It’s important to know that energy costs are affected by various factors, including the term of your contract, change in prices in winter vis-à-vis summer, and your usage. In Texas, residents may go for a fixed-rate, variable, or prepaid plan: 


Fixed plans provide security as you already know how much you are charged, giving a sense of stability and security as you pay a fixed price till the end of your contract. In addition, the pricing doesn’t vary according to the weather or market price. 

Variable plans

Have flexibility in your plans with a variable rate. Variable rates are affected by market prices, and you might get a surprise every time the price fluctuates. However, if you don’t want to be locked in a long-term contract, variable plans would suit you the most. 

Prepaid Electricity 

Prepaid Electricity is one of the best options to save money and avoid paying a deposit at the start of your term. This is because you know what you are paying for, and there is the slightest chance of hidden charges. 

Whether you choose a fixed-rate, variable, or prepaid plan, it is important to research it. For example, comparing rates and go for what is the cheapest option. Some online sites allow you to compare rates simply by typing in your zip code. 

Top Five Energy Companies that Offer Prepaid Plans

Here are the best Texan companies that offer prepaid plans. All the information is from Electricity Facts Labels (EFLs). Following are some of the most popular companies that offer prepaid plans in Texas:

Snap Energy Latino 

Specializing in world-class customer service, Snap Energy Latino specializes in using the most innovative technology to service customers. As a result, their prepaid plans are some of the most straightforward in the business. At the same time, they have some of the highest rates in Texas. 

First Choice Power

With over a half-century of service, First Choice Power is one of Texas’s most popular light companies. They offer all kinds of plans in Texas, including fixed-rate plans, variable plans, and prepaid plans. You can also choose to be green and switch to a 100% renewable energy plan, including solar and wind energy. With 12.32 cents/kWh, they are a bit more expensive than Payless Power.

Hello Energy 

Hello Energy is one of the most trustworthy companies in Texas, partly due to its excellent customer service. They specialize in no-deposit, prepaid electricity plans in Texas. You can pay for what you consume with a 12-month contract. However, Hello Energy is expensive at a 12-month contract at 19.00 kWh. 

Acacia Energy 

One of the most high-end Retail Energy providers, Acacia Energy, is among the oldest companies that started prepaid electricity. They specialize in pay-as-you-go electricity. However, partly due to the top-notch service, they are the most expensive company in Texas. They do charge 21.62 cents/kWh hour, which is extremely expensive. 

Payless Power 

Payless Power is hands down the most affordable company in Texas, compared to all the other prepaid light companies in Texas. Their service is also top-notch. 

Why Payless Power? 

According to EFL’S, with its plan SmarTricity Premier, Payless Power offers the cheapest pay-as-you-go rates in Texas compared to other prepaid electric companies in Texas. There are no additional hidden charges to switch to Payless Power, and your plan is locked for a 12 months term. The amount that you pay to activate your account goes to your electricity bills, offering you a no-deposit plan. Moreover, rates would not fluctuate with market value. You can also get up to a 20% discount for paying on time. 

Prepaid Energy Companies in Texas

Texas free market can be confusing when assessing what prepaid plans suit you and your situation. However, prepaid plans are likely to work for everyone as the billing system is straightforward. There is a variety of choices to choose from when it comes to prepaid energy companies in Texas.

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